Day 6: Just Do It June–Liquid Life

Drink Water | Every Day Active Challenge
Drink water to wash your insides and give balance to your body.

Water! The majority of the planet and the majority of your body are made up of water. You should be drinking double your weight in ounces each day. Or is it 8 glasses each day? You know…I have heard it all.

Water loss happens constantly throughout your day (think of all those body functions that are too gross for me to mention). You have to intake as much as you lose to be healthy.

Since we are participating in theĀ #EveryDayActiveChallenge for #JustDoItJune, you should also know that your muscles need the fluid to avoid muscle fatigue. When the cells don’t have water, they shrivel.

Aunt J-Me….water is boring. I don’t like the way it tastes. It’s such a chore to drink water. Can I have tea? It’s made of water. So is pop/cola/soda/coke (if you’re from the south, it’s all coke. “You want a coke? What kind?”).

The line that has stuck with me since my first round of Weight Watchers at age 7 was, “Tea doesn’t count. You wouldn’t wash your stockings in tea would you? Or your favorite white blouse?”

Think of it that way. The water is washing your insides. You know what is on the inside? Yuck! You cannot run those organs through the dishwasher and then put them back to work. Therefore, just tell yourself it is like bathing…you do it every day (or you should).

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