Day 20: Just Do It June–Vacation from Work not Workout

It may have been 14 days since my last blog but not since my last activity. If you’re following on Facebook, then you know that, aside from two days of migraines that kept me in bed this past weekend, I have kept up with the #EveryDayActiveChallenge in #JustDoItJune.

I cannot express how monumental that is! For 18 of the last 20 days, I have completed one to two hours of physical activity! The most I had done before this endeavor, or experiment in fortitude, was three days in a row.

Then the little devil on the right would mentally appease my guilty conscience with platitudes of, “You can take a break. You did three days. Take a week off.”

I kicked that wee evil voice out at 30,000 feet on my way to Hawaii. I was making a list of all the fun that I had always wanted to do when the niggling whine began.

“You know you aren’t going to actually do all of this, right?” She whispered. “You will never last! You will find a way to get out of it, and that is alright, darling. Vacation is time off from life.”

No, I proved, it is not! Our Hawaiian vacation turned out to be the springboard to the launch pad that I have been seeking. I discovered the following about myself on vacation:

  1. I refuse to pay $10 a day for a gym that is listed in the amenities for the hotel. It’s not cheap; it’s the principle! There are more fun ways to spend the time, even walking around in the heat is beautiful if you’re chasing rainbows!
  2. Yoga on the beach sounds like a romantic notion but is quite messy. I don’t like being dirty was the discovery there and that near the beach on the grassy hill will work for ambiance.

    William Wisdom About Fear | Every Day Active Challenge
  3. Five year old wisdom is priceless. My nephew’s comment fortified me to go parasailing, something I had always wanted to do and something from which I was close to walking away. I learned I can swallow my fear to experience something new (proof is trapped in the GoPro).
  4. I found that I am thankful to my trainer for all of the upper body workouts! That Wahoo fish took every ounce of strength to reel into the boat while we were deep sea fishing.

    Deep Sea Fishing | Every Day Active Challenge
    WAHOO! I caught this gal with a cheering crowd encouraging me not to give up while my arms felt the burn of effort!
  5. Although it felt like my brain was trying to exit via my ear, I also learned that I am able to dive down while snorkeling and not just placidly float on the surface, hoping fish will swim by my fear-stricken, no-swimming self (the GoPro and I have an appointment after I publish this).
  6. Body surfing is dangerous and requires a lot of stamina to tread water waiting for the wave that wants to pin you to the sea floor and hold you there! Also, bathing suits come off in tumultuous waves entirely too easy! We survived and decided we needed lessons so we didn’t die. That will have to wait till next time.

    Body Surfing | Every Day Active Challenge
    Darling Daughter taught her old lady to body surf.
  7. ATV riding takes a lot of core strength not to be slung around, and I really don’t like being dirty. Really! Sweaty, okay…dirty, no way. Poet. Know it.
  8. I fit on a water slide! Also, much like a kid with a new toy couldn’t wait to do it again and again.
  9. I like hiking! Also, I cry like a baby, snotty nose and everything, when I have a non-scale victory like hiking up and down a mountain to witness one of mother nature’s amazing features…a blow hole.

    Hiking | Every Day Active Challenge
    You cannot tell clearly, but the background is way far below me in this pick.

Speaking of…I will end this here and go get un-sweaty after tonight’s treadmill and yoga routine. Wait…I need to go help with the yard work. Durnit! That is dirty. Yuck!

What about you? Did you do something amazing today?

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