Day 21: Just Do It June–Cartwheels


School Pictures | Every Day Active Challenge
Always obese, I only wanted to be like every other little girl on the playground.

As a child, I was over weight. By today’s standards, I was most likely obese even then. That didn’t stop me from wanting to be like all of the other little girls. I wanted to run without end and do cartwheels around the playground.

I did one cartwheel around the time this picture was taken and landed so hard and wrong that I couldn’t walk the next day. That may be owing to me trying to impress the other girls with a back bend and front walk-over to boot. My body just couldn’t do it. So I gave up even trying.

This was also the year that I made my first “bad grade” when I barely passed PE with a 70. This was the year that the coaches graded us on a sliding scale of how many sit-ups and push-ups we could do (3 and 1, respectively). There was also the requirement to run one mile in 10 minutes (last one on the field at the end of PE being laughed at by my peers). This was also the year the coach called out my weight (150 pounds) in front of those peers. That was a rough year for a nine-year-old.

I have had rougher years, and I have had better years. This one is one of those better years full of successes of which I only ever dreamed.

For example, today after my hour on the treadmill for #JustDoItJune and the #EveryDayActiveChallenge, I asked my Darling Daughter to video me doing a cartwheel.

She asked, “Have you ever done a cartwheel?”

“Not that I can claim was any good,” I replied. “But I watched some youTube videos. Let me practice first.”

Then I just did it.

Now, I spent the usual five minutes criticizing¬†my gym hair (#GymHairDontCare) and thinking about how loose the skin is everywhere, and then I shut that crap down! YOU FREAKING DID A CARTWHEEL AND IT DIDN’T HURT! I think I will try a hand/headstand next.

What was your victory today?

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