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Make A Difference! I Double-Dog Dare You!

Add Litter Pick Up to Your Daily Walk.Saturday has been the only day of the week that I’ve been able to walk a full 5K, and the last few I have picked up garbage, not just litter, GARBAGE!

The first time was because I picked up an empty Pringles can someone dropped on our Greenway walking path and continued to pick up anything along the way that didn’t require me to wear gloves or to slow down. My husband said, “You’re so amazing, Baby! Please don’t get hurt.”

The next round I took along two plastic grocery sacks and stopped to talk to the manager at the neighborhood Sonic Drive-In about her store, being a part of our neighborhood and frequented by pedestrian youth, helping out by considering a once-a-month employee clean-up. She looked at me as if I was crazy. My husband said, “You never cease to amaze me, Baby! Please wear gloves next time.”

Today, I upgraded to a Hefty Tall Kitchen trash bag (sorry, Babe…couldn’t find where the gloves are…adding to the grocery list). I’m considering taking my pictures around to the neighborhood mom and pops and seeing if they have any interest in helping keep our neighborhood and our Earth clean.

By the way, a full trash sack makes for an amazing arm workout. Cars passing honked. One bike rider said, “You go!” Yes, I do indeed.

Fill a trash bag with the litter from your neighborhood.All garbage picked up has to arrive in the bag with my right hand, keeping my left clean to wipe sweat out of my eyes and open my water bottle. I reverse my path the next go ’round for all the left-side trash. No, I don’t do doggie poo, not even for the you-know-what who left the baggie tied up on the park bench. I don’t handle car parts either. Although today, I picked up the City of Plano’s landscaping crew’s broken grass catcher attachment thingy. That’s just ridiculous! It’s broken! Don’t leave it in the freshly mown grass. You tell on yourself!

I need to save up and get a tracker. I’m pretty sure with all my veering from the path to beautify my city, I have to have walked more than 5K. What are you doing to better your world?

Day 4: Just Do It June–I LOVE YOU!

Run For Your Life | Every Day Active Challenge
Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens had me clapping when she screamed, “I don’t need you to hold my hand to run!” Run for your life is an idea…not recommended…but an idea nonetheless.

What is the difference between like and love? There is some controversy on the origin of the quote but I love the explanation all the same.

“When you like a flower, you just pluck it. But when you love a flower, you water it daily.”

Buddha or not, it is an appropriate meditation for our endeavor here at #EveryDayActiveChallenge. Do you like yourself or love yourself? Are you committed to yourself only when it is convenient or every day in every way?

Anyone who has dieted knows the motion of the yo-yo. That is why I am not committing to lose weight or to diet. Our challenge is to be active for one hour each day. It is not to eat X number of calories or buy a gym membership and workout.

What are some out-of-the-norm ideas for being active for one hour?

To help you out, here are some ideas that you may not have considered:

  • Housecleaning, car washing, gardening (groan…chores…)
  • Walk or play with your pet (In my case Pets)
  • Bowling with Friends (Make your activity social!)
  • Go fishing (Oh, how Husband Friend will remind me of this one often!)
  • Snorkeling (Next Week in Maui for sure!)
  • Dance around your house (No one is watching!)
  • Play with your children. (I was ridiculously soar from throwing my nephews around the swimming pool last weekend.)

Whatever you do, enjoy it! Love what you do! Who ever created a habit with something they didn’t love? Now if crocheting counted I would be set!

I don’t like you…I love you so I will see you again tomorrow, my Flowers.