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To Swear or NOT to Swear

I cannot tell you how often I have seen the post about People Who Curse on Facebook. I have never actually followed the link and read the article. However, it stuck with me enough that I googled “Cursing” and “Research” before starting this post. Wowzers! The blog articles are numerous as are the actual legitimate research reports.

Why, Jaimee! Are you planning to entertain us with your vivid and vast “cussin'” repertoire?  Are you preparing us for a vivid view into your verbal naughtiness?

No way! My mama still lives and breathes and has no time limit on her reach with a switch and a bar of soap.  (Not, really! However, I do respect her enough not to test her or embarrass her or my father.)

No, my last three book choices all have curse words in the titles. I was drawn to all three of them because only their titles spoke to me.

  • Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F!@#!
  • Sarah Knight’s The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F!@#!
  • Sarah Knight’s Get Your Sh!t Together

I would say a drinking game is in the works for every curse word that is written in these works of literature, but that would be irresponsible and deadly. Mrs. Knight has a whole chapter where every sentence is the full on “Fudge Cookies” of my own vocabulary. Like she wrote in her latest work, if you are expecting kittens and cuddles, you are in the wrong place.

Nevertheless, what I like about all three of these books is that they all have some basic principles: figure out your core values and let the rest go. Simple. To the point. Ensconced in vulgarity. I love, love, love it!

I need to work on my Fudge Cookie Budget…what I really care about and what can take a hike. If you only had so many Cookies to give, where would they go? So each day, I say I will get riled by no more than one challenge to my sensibilities. Therefore, I spend my  ONE Cookie only on what really matters to me. I find myself asking, “Is that worth spending your Cookie?” It’s really quite interesting that some days, I don’t give my Cookie to anything or anyone.  <gasp!>

Some background:

  • I once read that the one thing all millionaires have in common is that they read at least one non-fiction book each month.
  • I am a self-help book junkie even if I don’t always agree or act upon said advice. I like biographies too.
  • I care passionately about my work and whatever else to which I put my energy.
  • My Emergenetics and other personality profiles all say the same thing: I care and it matters.
  • I get overwhelmed by negativity.
  • It angers me to no end for people to say, “Don’t take it personally.” If I put my all into doing a bang-up job, then I take it personally. Cookie taker right there! Every stinkin’ time.

What Cookie will you keep for yourself and not give away?

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Product Review: Curlformers by Hairflair

“Girl, your hairdresser must love you! You are always doing something different with your hair,” my enthusiastically kind co-worker exclaimed when she saw my latest and greatest look of shiny, auburn-colored curls.

Why, yes! My hairdresser and long-time friend Meredith does love me. It is for all the reasons I am who I am, but she does love that I have no fear when it comes to hair. As a kid, MyMama didn’t try to tell me how to wear my hair only insisting it be clean and combed/brushed. My personal philosophy as a parent was the same.

“It’s just hair; it’ll grow back. There are bigger fish to fry like with whom your child is hanging out or if she eats healthy,” I always tell my friends.

Back on track! Meredith does Monday Morning Hair Talk with Meredith, and I was super excited when she reviewed Curformers by Hairflair. In fact, I went to Amazon ($58.95) and purchased my set before her demonstration on Facebook Live had finished. Mer recommended getting the set for longer hair even though she and I have about chin-length hair.

Curlformers are made of “hair-friendly”, plastic mesh permanently formed into spirals, both clockwise and counterclockwise. You will begin by inserting the provided hooked wand into the end of the Curlformer, unfurling the spiral as it slides easily onto the wand. Once the hooked end of the wand emerges, you will insert your damp lock into the eye of the hook. Gently pull the wand back through the sleeve and let go. The Curlformer will spring into place. Allow your hair to set till dry, which is usually overnight.

Now I  have to say the directions in the kit are not as clear as they could be, but with Mer’s demonstration, I was able to quickly section my hair and pull them through the curlers using the provided hook. HINT: Gently click the hook end and handle end together. To disassemble after use, pinch the connection point and gently wiggle the ends apart.

The first time I used Curlformers, I think I had the curler too close to my scalp having pushed the curler all the way to the root before removing the wand. The easiest correction for this was to gently straighten the curler and scooch it out a little (Thank you, Husband Friend!).


I did the overnight set method, allowing the Curlformers to flare out on my pillow. Because I have an undercut with no hair on the sides of my head, sleeping was not a bit uncomfortable for me. Husband Friend said that getting smacked in the face with the springy contraptions when I turned in my sleep, however, was not his idea of a good night’s rest.

To remove the Curlformers, you will unfurl the curler and slip it from the hair strand. I then run my fingers through the mass of curls, applying whatever product I choose that day. When I only use “shiny” serum, the curls continue to loosen throughout the day, becoming waves by the evening. However, when I sprayed them with hairspray, the curls remained springy and tight all day with very little fallout. I think these results will depend on the person’s natural hair tendencies and has zero to do with Curlformers.

I love the look of the natural-looking curls. Curlformers are, without a doubt, the best hair curling products I have ever purchased. They are also more expensive but well worth it. I use mine almost every night. I have perfected the application and can get them all in place in about five minutes (REMEMBER, I have only the hair on top of my head with which to contend!).

It’s almost as easy to get ready in the morning as it was the time I shaved my head. I told you…it’s hair. It will grow back. Let me know if you purchase Curlformers and how you like them. I would love to read your review as well.