Day 6: Just Do It June–Liquid Life

Drink Water | Every Day Active Challenge
Drink water to wash your insides and give balance to your body.

Water! The majority of the planet and the majority of your body are made up of water. You should be drinking double your weight in ounces each day. Or is it 8 glasses each day? You know…I have heard it all.

Water loss happens constantly throughout your day (think of all those body functions that are too gross for me to mention). You have to intake as much as you lose to be healthy.

Since we are participating in the #EveryDayActiveChallenge for #JustDoItJune, you should also know that your muscles need the fluid to avoid muscle fatigue. When the cells don’t have water, they shrivel.

Aunt J-Me….water is boring. I don’t like the way it tastes. It’s such a chore to drink water. Can I have tea? It’s made of water. So is pop/cola/soda/coke (if you’re from the south, it’s all coke. “You want a coke? What kind?”).

The line that has stuck with me since my first round of Weight Watchers at age 7 was, “Tea doesn’t count. You wouldn’t wash your stockings in tea would you? Or your favorite white blouse?”

Think of it that way. The water is washing your insides. You know what is on the inside? Yuck! You cannot run those organs through the dishwasher and then put them back to work. Therefore, just tell yourself it is like bathing…you do it every day (or you should).

Day 4: Just Do It June–I LOVE YOU!

Run For Your Life | Every Day Active Challenge
Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens had me clapping when she screamed, “I don’t need you to hold my hand to run!” Run for your life is an idea…not recommended…but an idea nonetheless.

What is the difference between like and love? There is some controversy on the origin of the quote but I love the explanation all the same.

“When you like a flower, you just pluck it. But when you love a flower, you water it daily.”

Buddha or not, it is an appropriate meditation for our endeavor here at #EveryDayActiveChallenge. Do you like yourself or love yourself? Are you committed to yourself only when it is convenient or every day in every way?

Anyone who has dieted knows the motion of the yo-yo. That is why I am not committing to lose weight or to diet. Our challenge is to be active for one hour each day. It is not to eat X number of calories or buy a gym membership and workout.

What are some out-of-the-norm ideas for being active for one hour?

To help you out, here are some ideas that you may not have considered:

  • Housecleaning, car washing, gardening (groan…chores…)
  • Walk or play with your pet (In my case Pets)
  • Bowling with Friends (Make your activity social!)
  • Go fishing (Oh, how Husband Friend will remind me of this one often!)
  • Snorkeling (Next Week in Maui for sure!)
  • Dance around your house (No one is watching!)
  • Play with your children. (I was ridiculously soar from throwing my nephews around the swimming pool last weekend.)

Whatever you do, enjoy it! Love what you do! Who ever created a habit with something they didn’t love? Now if crocheting counted I would be set!

I don’t like you…I love you so I will see you again tomorrow, my Flowers.


Day 3: Just Do It June–Habit Forming

Be Active Everyday! | Every Day Active Challenge
Go ahead and creatively acquire this picture if you want. I share…myMama raised me right. Also, if you’re interested in creating your own Meme, I used the App ReType.

Full disclosure…I smoke. I know I shouldn’t. I wish I wouldn’t. I have read it all and heard it all. I know from witnessing it, the cruel and painful death that awaits me with Emphysema, heart disease or cancer.

I wish I had never begun smoking. It started as a coping mechanism when I was in my mid-20s and living in Hoboken, NJ. Alone for the first time in my life, I started smoking when out with others (stupid little joiner I was). Then I slid into buying my own packs and eventually had a habit that I couldn’t kick. Now the little follower is a pariah most of the time! Ironic?

The proverbial “they” say that it takes 23 days to make a habit. We are well on our way to forming one by taking the #EveryDayActiveChallenge in #JustDoItJune. Well, three days down, twenty more to go! We can do it!

Leo Babauta has a nifty little blog named Zen Habits, and he recently wrote about two ways to form habits, slip into them and use your smart phone. Take a gander for the full explanation.

Basically baby steps become bigger steps until you’re sprinting along.

The second point coincides with my post from yesterday about making the most of our technology. Where I hope you have created a calendar of appointments with yourself to plan your activities, now use the cover or lock photo to remind yourself to “Be Active!”

Think about how often you check your phone in one day’s time! Babauta wrote, “Then, when you check your phone and notice this message, slip into your new habit…and soon you’ll be on your way to a healthy habit that could change your life.”

What did you do today to be more active?

I exchanged the plan to try Latin Fusion again and opted for Slow Burn Yoga instead. Husband Friend wants to do couples dance class tomorrow. I hope my arms can hold the frame after that workout! Slow Burn is right! #SpeghettiArms

NOTE TO SELF: Stop smoking, Woman! Your run will improve…promise.


Day 2: Just Do It June—Make a Plan

Oliver Wendall Holmes Quote | Every Day Active Challenge
Keep Moving Forward…Make a Plan for the Trip!

Oh the joy of being a type A personality! Planning comes so naturally to me that I wouldn’t be surprised if myMama told me that I erupted into this world with a planner attached to my tiny baby hand [hyperbole much?].

I was reading Mackenzie Wagoner’s Vogue Magazine article from the May 2016 issue, “It’s Not a Diet: 5 Lifestyle Changes for a Better Body (And Life!)” and thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

THAT is Mackenzie’s tip to “Plan Ahead.” I had never really considered that in the grand scheme of a week packed with work, dance classes, chores, errands, laundry, visits, trips, etc., that I should also put in the plan my fitness activities.

Because of course I am that anal planner, I took it to the extreme and planned out my workouts for the entire month of June (#JustDoItJune), sometimes giving myself multiple options for some of the days.

Choices, people! Choices empower you to own your experiences!

I am blessed that my gym posts its group class calendars to its mobile app. I discovered while choosing my activities for the month that I could actually save the classes to my smart phone’s calendar. And wouldn’t you know it, that is a SMART phone! It sent me a reminder that I had an event today, and it factored in my drive time.

Phone: Beep-it-y Beep! Go to the gym, Aunt J-Me! Traffic is light.

Me: Why thank you, smart phone. Let’s go!

So, Friends, grab your chosen life organizer and add appointments for your fitness activities. If you can’t plan the month, at least plan the week. Tell me about your plans. Otherwise, for what else is an accountability partner?

Day 1: Just Do It June–Never Give Up

Aunt J-Me Never Giving Up | Every Day Active Challenge
If you give up, then you aren’t giving yourself the chance to succeed.

It’s kind of a weird thought to start the beginning of the #JustD0ItJune #EveryDayActiveChallenge with the advice to never give up. However, I have a good reason. I give up when something is not easy even sometimes giving up before getting started. Let me adjust that statement, I USED to give up.

Last night was a perfect example of how this mentality has changed in me. I tried something new, Latin Fusion, which I was later told is my gym’s version of Advanced Zumba. The instructor took the stage and spent the next hour making love to himself in the mirror and thoroughly enjoying watching himself move to the groove, never once noticing the struggling newby or showing the class the basics of the steps.

I was angry…livid in fact. Even with many years of dance class and just as many years in group fitness classes, I had no clue what the instructor was doing. The regulars in the class tried very hard to show me what I should be doing.

My anger was on my face as if it were painted in place. Every time I would catch a glance at myself in the mirror, I would see that horrible straight line of my pinched lips and think, “Good God, Woman! Fix your face!” But then I would realize that the momentary glance also left me lost to the class’s momentum.

The thought sprinted through my mind in the first five minutes of class, “I am LEAVING! This is ridiculous! I will NOT stay here and be humiliated!”

Then I started having the rational thought conversation with myself. You will not give up. That is no longer your impetus for life. So what if you aren’t the best. So what if you look ridiculous. Whether you hit every mark or sway with the beat in the most attractive way, you are burning calories and being active. You are changing your life for the better.

If you’ve been on social media at any point in the last few years, then you have seen the Meme with the morbidly obese person walking. The catch-phrase says, “You may be slow, but you are lapping the person on the couch.” It’s cheesy but true!

You may not be the best at it, but just don’t give up on trying to be better at it.

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